Google expands cloud capabilities with third Singapore zone

Google expands cloud capabilities with third Singapore zone

Move is designed to further improve latency for GCP customers and end-users

Google has launched a third Google Cloud Platform (GCP) zone in Singapore, as the tech giant continues to expand capabilities across the region.

Following the opening of the Singapore region in June 2017, the move is designed to further improve latency for GCP customers and end-users within the Southeast Asia market.

The third zone - named asia-southeast1-c - comes with a core set of services such as Cloud KMS and Cloud Bigtable, alongside three new offerings in Cloud Spanner, Cloud SQL and Managed Instance Groups.

“This expansion will make it easier for customers, especially in Southeast Asia, to build highly available services that meet the needs of their business,” GCP product manager, Dave Stiver, said.

“We build every region with the intention of providing at least three zones because we understand the importance of high availability.

“Customers can distribute their apps and storage across multiple zones to protect against service disruptions.”

The launch represents the 46th GCP zone globally, with all 15 GCP regions now housing three or more zones.

From a technology perspective, the launch also provides deeper levels of expertise across security, compute and big data solutions, as well as storage and networking.

“It’s super exciting to see the third availability zone go up in Singapore, as more GCP services will be provisioned closer to ASEAN,” AirAsia chief data and digital officer, Nikunj Shanti Patel, added.

“This will help ensure our customers have the best experience and reliability on our web or mobile products.”

Representing a natural progression from the June 2017 launch, the third zone adds further assurances for businesses migrating workloads to GCP across the region.

As explained by Stiver at the time, performance testing showed 51 per cent to 98 per cent reductions in round-trip time (RTT) latency when serving customers in Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok compared to using other GCP regions in Taiwan or Tokyo.

The launch comes as Google Cloud offers its largest endorsement of the regional channel to date, through the opening of multiple partner facing roles across Asia Pacific and Japan.

As revealed by Channel Asia, the tech giant is taking steps to build out an ecosystem of resellers, integrators and independent software vendors (ISVs) from India to Japan, as global cloud ambitions become regional realities.

Under the banner of partner success manager, the vendor is seeking expertise across Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines, alongside similar roles in India, South Korea, Taiwan and China.

Specifically, the candidate will analyse partner business performance, identify methods of increasing partner and Google returns, as well as pitching ideas to and identifying opportunities within partner organisations.

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