Veeam looks to the enterprise with the channel in fast pursuit

Veeam looks to the enterprise with the channel in fast pursuit

Strategy centres around providing enterprise customers with data management solutions

Peter McKay (Veeam)

Peter McKay (Veeam)

Veeam Software has unveiled plans to boost capabilities across the enterprise market, opening the door for partners to expand in parallel.

Unveiled during VeeamON 2018 in Chicago, the vendor outlined a strategy centred around providing enterprise customers with data management solutions, moving up from mid-market heartlands in the process.

The move comes as new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence and machine learning flood the market across Asia Pacific.

“As technologies like IoT, AI, machine learning and blockchain mature, and as customers grapple with mining massive amounts of data for better business insights, they need solutions that can do far more than ensure data Availability,” Veeam co-CEO, Peter McKay, said.

“We believe hyper-availability is the new expectation for data in today’s enterprise.”

According to IDC findings, revenues for big data and analytics in the Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) region will reach US$14.7 billion in 2018, representing a 14.4 per cent increase over 2017.

“As organisations digitally transform, market differentiation will increasingly focus on leveraging an application and data continuum that stretches from edge to core to cloud,” IDC senior vice president, Matt Eastwood, added.

Looking further ahead, revenues are expected to increase to approximately US$22.2 billion by 2021.

With the huge surge in data in recent years, combined with forecasts predicting exponential growth as new technologies come online, such as 5G and IoT, businesses are moving towards highly scalable and reliable platforms.

As a result, Veeam is making a play for the enterprise through the channel, through a solution which moves from the more traditional policy-based data management to a more behaviour-based system.

The idea is that in this new era, data should be able to manage itself more autonomously rather than requiring human interference in the data management process.

“Veeam’s vision for Intelligent Data Management is based on a flexible set of integrated, plug-and-play solutions,” Veeam vice president of product and strategy, Danny Allan, added.

“Veeam hyper-availability platform provides the integration, visibility, orchestration, intelligence, and automation to evolve data management from policy-based to behaviour-based, and from manual management to intelligent automation.”

As availability continues to evolve, what was once seen as a means to increase business continuity and provide back-up and recovery in what could be described as a reactive insurance policy, is now seen as providing proactive business value.

Consequently, data learns to respond instantly and appropriately to what actually happens anywhere across the enterprise data infrastructure.

The move from manual data management to intelligent automation, “enables the provisioning and management of the massive, constant flows of data running across highly distributed, multi-cloud infrastructures to be securely automated, self-learning, and optimally orchestrated,” said Allan.

From a channel perspective, Veeam identified five stages to capturing marketshare in the lucrative enterprise space, spanning back-up, aggregation, visibility, orchestration, and automation.

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