Singtel’s Dataspark to develop telco network app with Analysys Mason

Singtel’s Dataspark to develop telco network app with Analysys Mason

Designed to help mobile operators drive revenue and optimise capital expenditure

Dataspark and Analysys Mason have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a network planning application.

As a first use case, Dataspark, a data analytics subsidiary of Singtel, will work with the consulting and research firm to help mobile operators drive revenue and optimise capital expenditure.

“Our collaboration with Analysys Mason has the potential to boost the financial performance of mobile operators worldwide,” said Ying Shao Wei, chief operating officer of DataSpark.

Specifically, operators can make use of the app to allocate capacity where it is most needed. Customer satisfaction scores, potential demand as well as network traffic and yield can be analysed as a means to optimise capital expenditure.

Furthermore, with this additional data the location of new cellular sites and be chosen that offers the best coverage and performance.

“It could be a game-changer for telcos in that it can help them build their networks more efficiently and enhance their customer engagement,” said Ying.

“By using the app to distil and analyse datasets, including past customer transactions in a non-invasive manner, operators can customise products and services for specific customer segments to generate new revenue streams.”

Trials being conducted on the app by a Southeast Asian telco have shown an 11 per cent improvement on the carrier’s return on investment compared to current approaches which only takes into account traffic.

According to Ying, this demonstrates the power of being better informed by data and advanced analytics.

“This collaboration brings a practical approach to big data analytics for Analysys Mason’s clients,” added Bram Moerman, CEO of Analysys Mason. “With CAPEX optimisation as a first use case we are confident that our approach lends itself equally well to revenue enhancement opportunities, as well as tackling next-generation 5G deployment strategies.”

Furthermore, it is possible that additional capabilities could be added to help carriers plan fixed wireless access deployment, fibre-to-the-home roll-out and 5G deployment, according to Dataspark.

Additional monetisation opportunities could also be identified with the aid of such an app in sectors such as transportation, advertising and smart urban planning.

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