Equinix nears completion of APAC's largest data centre

Equinix nears completion of APAC's largest data centre

Final phase of the centre will add an additional 2,875 cabinets of capacity

Equinix has entered the final expansion phase at the organisation’s third international business exchange (IBX) data centre in Singapore.

To meet the growing regional demand for data, the data centre will also double in size when the final phase is completed.

Know as SG3, the centre when completed will be the largest Equinix data centre in the Asia-Pacific region with a total investment of US$78 million (approximately SG$106 million).

The final phase of the centre will add an additional 2,875 cabinets of capacity in colocation space of more than 8,100 square meters (approximately 87,300 square feet) bringing the centre’s total cabinet capacity to 5,875 and colocation space of more than 16,600 square metres (approximately 178,600 square feet); almost doubling the IBX capacity.

“We are pleased to announce the expansion of SG3 IBX data centre to further cement Singapore’s role as the interconnection hub in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Andrew Rigoli, vice president, corporate development and strategy at Equinix Asia-Pacific.

“This expansion is indicative of the growing demand for interconnection as the digital economy continues to thrive in this region.”

“Along with the rollout of Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric inter-metro connectivity capabilities in the region that aims to accelerate cloud connectivity, Equinix is in a solid position to provide the interconnection and colocation services that are essential for enterprises to move towards the digital edge,” added Rigoli.

The data centre market has seen significant growth in recent years with large MNCs such as Facebook and Google investing heavily in the region attracted by its strong network infrastructure, diverse connectivity to major markets in the region, conducive and business-friendly environment, as well as political stability.

According to Synergy Research, Singapore’s data centre market is expected to remain strong with a forecasted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3 per cent from 2017 to 2022.

These investments are not by chance with the region seeing strong growth in data usage over recent years, with investments in new subsea cables in addition to state-of-the-art data centres from large MNCs.

Specifically, the Asia Pacific interconnection bandwidth is forecasted to grow in excess of 2,000 Terabits per second (Tbps) of capacity, representing a significant CAGR of 51 per cent by 2021 according to the global interconnection index by Equinix.

It is expected that Singapore will remain one of the top locations in the region with interconnection bandwidth capacity expected to more than quadruple by 2021.

Equinix has 40 IBX data centres in Asia-Pacific with a global footprint spanning 200 IBX data centres across 52 markets, providing data centre and interconnection services for more than 9,800 businesses worldwide.

Furthermore, with the recent rollout of Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric (ECX Fabric) inter-metro connectivity across the Asia Pacific region, Singapore customers can establish hybrid cloud with direct access to cloud service providers, such as Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Tencent Cloud, etc.

The colocation facilities offered by Equinix Singapore are also business hubs for more than 575 companies across different industries, ranging from financial services, cloud services, biomedical sciences, IT, communications, media, physical sciences and engineering industries.

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