Red Hat signs up iZeno as advanced partner in Malaysia

Red Hat signs up iZeno as advanced partner in Malaysia

Interest in open source technologies has increased in recent years

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Singapore-based iZeno has been named a Red Hat advanced business partner for the Malaysia market joining the vendor’s solution provider partner program.

"iZeno is extremely proud to achieve the advanced business partner (ABP) status in Malaysia,” said Jason Lin, managing director of iZeno.

"Our collaboration with Red Hat has amplified over many years and extended beyond the platform business, enabling us to help some of our most challenging digital transformation (DX), customer experiences (CX) and DevOps projects in the region.

"This distinguished accomplishment underscores our commitment towards helping organisations take advantage of enterprise-grade open source software that is scalable and open standards to realise their DX and CX strategies."

As a partner of Red Hat, iZeno will aim to promote and advocate the use of the vendor's technologies within the enterprise environment across Malaysia, offering consulting and implementation experience for the provider's platform, AppDev and automation solution offerings.

The partner’s expertise lies in its ability to provider end-to-end solutions that incorporate best practices in digital transformation (DX), customer experience (CX) and DevOps, enabling enterprises to continually drive innovation around people, processes and technologies.

"Enterprises across ASEAN are embracing open source to help accelerate digital transformation in their businesses,” said Damien Wong, vice president, general manager of Asian growth and emerging markets (GEMs) at Red Hat.

"We believe that alongside open source technology our partner ecosystem is enablers of this change. We are excited to have partners like iZeno as our advanced business partner to deliver our enterprise-grade open source solutions."

Interest in open source technologies has increased in recent years, which Red Hat has managed to successfully capitalise on working with solution providers like iZeno to deliver open solutions to their customers.

Partners such as iZeno provide much more than just a reseller experience but also consulting and service delivery capabilities to design, plan, and deploy open source and cloud computing solutions.

The vendor’s solution provider designation is awarded to partners following validation by Red Hat with each provider required to meet testing and certification requirements to demonstrate that they can deliver a scalable, supported and consistent environment designed for enterprise software deployments.

Red Hat has designed the same global program with the aim of providing both customers and partners with confidence that product experts have validated a given solution so that implementations can begin with a solid foundation.

This enables partners to deliver support of enterprise-grade applications, SaaS, PaaS and Red Hat technology based managed services.

Furthermore, joint customer resolution allows partners to deliver higher-quality services and support, and access to training and enablement resources lay the foundation for the adoption of a managed services business model.

Founded in 2003, Singapore-headquartered iZeno has operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines with over 70 in-house experts and delivered over 500 enterprise solutions across the region.

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