Top 5 in-demand tech skills in Singapore, and how the channel can capitalise

Top 5 in-demand tech skills in Singapore, and how the channel can capitalise

New outsourcing opportunities for specialised channel partners

Matthieu Imbert-Bouchard (Robert Half)

Matthieu Imbert-Bouchard (Robert Half)

Credit: Robert Half

Partners with expertise in cyber risk, data science and software development are best placed to capitalise on increased customer demand in Singapore.

The move comes in response to findings from specialist recruitment firm Robert Half, which ranks the five most in-demand technology roles in Singapore this year as - cyber security analyst; technology risk manager; data scientist; project manager and software developer.

Such demand creates new opportunities for partners with deep expertise in these technology segments as businesses remain challenged by a lack of internal skills, thus increasing the need to engage with third-party providers.

“Singapore’s accelerating IT sector, combined with the city-state’s aspiration to become a global and regional technology hub, is placing increasing pressure on employers contending with the limited supply of available IT candidates,” said Matthieu Imbert-Bouchard, managing director of Robert Half Singapore.

“The growing disconnect between the jobs required and the skills available means IT employers need to focus on becoming more responsive to economic and digital transformation - which can be achieved through hiring staff with the right skillsets.”

Imbert-Bouchard said recruiting within the fields of artificial intelligence, digital and data strategy is becoming "increasingly competitive" within Singapore’s IT sector as more companies are competing for a limited pool of professionals.

According to the 2019 Robert Half Salary Guide, digitisation, automation and technology disruption are placing "mounting pressure" on companies to attract sought-after IT professionals.

“IT professionals across functional areas who are in a favourable position when negotiating starting salaries are those with the most wide-ranging experiences, up-to-date skills, an aptitude for new technologies and a high degree of emotional intelligence for managing and working with different personalities,” Imbert-Bouchard added.

1 - Cyber security analyst

Robert Half Salary Guide
Robert Half Salary Guide

"As awareness of cyber security threats continues to rise throughout 2019 alongside the introduction of new regulatory processes to combat these threats, there is a growing trend towards enhancing Singapore’s ‘cyber-hygiene’, with demand surging for cyber-security professionals," Imbert-Bouchard explained. "According to LinkedIn, cyber security specialists are one of the top five emerging jobs in Singapore across all industries."

2 - Technology risk manager

Robert Half Salary Guide
Robert Half Salary Guide

As a result of increasing cyber attacks, the Cyber-Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) and the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) are working together to advance security threat intelligence sharing while conducting joint initiatives to protect the financial services sector.

"This has resulted in greater demand in the fields of technology risk and RegTech (Regulatory Technology) to comply with regulations and safeguard organisations against external risks," he said.

3 - Data scientist

Robert Half Salary Guide
Robert Half Salary Guide

For Imbert-Bouchard, the growth of big data has led many organisations to categorise data scientists as a "crucial role" within their technology department, hence why data scientists who can aptly apply mathematical and analytical skills, as well as business acumen, are highly sought-after in today’s market.

4 - Project manager

Robert Half Salary Guide
Robert Half Salary Guide

"Many Singaporean employers seek to benefit from the gig economy by gaining immediate access to high-demand skillsets, filling skills gaps and managing unique projects, resulting in continuous demand for project managers to lead and implement short to medium-term IT projects," Imbert-Bouchard added.

5 - Software developer

Robert Half Salary Guide
Robert Half Salary Guide

According to Imbert-Bouchard, software development is a "key staple" of any organisation’s future-proofing as businesses adapt their software to the changing needs of their customers and clients, increasing demand for skilled professionals who can develop and implement consumer-facing technology and improve internal processes. 

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