Microsoft’s Java build now generally available

Microsoft’s Java build now generally available

After an April preview, Microsoft Build for OpenJDK is now generally available for production deployment.

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The Microsoft Build of OpenJDK is now generally available, providing a no-cost distribution of open source Java that could vie with Oracle’s Java distributions for the hearts and minds of enterprise software developers.

Released May 25 after being in a preview phase since April, Microsoft Build of OpenJDK includes binaries for Java 11, based on OpenJDK 11.0.11+9 server and desktop environments on MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

OpenJDK 11 releases of Microsoft Build of OpenJDK are long-term support (LTS) releases and will be updated quarterly. Microsoft Build of OpenJDK is downloadable from

Microsoft Build of OpenJDK binaries might contain fixes and enhancements or back-ported fixes and enhancements deemed important to customers and internal users but that have not been incorporated in the upstream OpenJDK project. These fixes and enhancements will be signposted in release notes with source code available.

With general availability, Microsoft also is releasing Microsoft Build of OpenJDK Docker images and corresponding Docker files. These are intended to be used by any Java applications or Java application components. And the company is publishing an Early Access binary of Microsoft Build of OpenJDK for Java 16 for Linux and Windows on ARM.

Microsoft has announced a new Java Development with Microsoft documentation hub, providing resources to learn how to develop Java applications and services with Microsoft technologies.

Resources are available on topics such as developing with Java in the Visual Studio Code editor and Java deployment on Azure.

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