Channel Asia Women in ICT Awards 2022: and the winners are...

Channel Asia Women in ICT Awards 2022: and the winners are...

More than 250 attendees came together under the Channel Asia roof to set a new industry benchmark for female excellence in ASEAN #WIICTA

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Channel Asia is proud to announce the winners of the Women in ICT Awards (WIICTA) in 2022, honouring female excellence within the technology channel following an industry-defining celebration in Singapore.

Played out in front of more than 250 attendees at Shangri-La Singapore -- the largest in-person audience for the market’s leading gender diversity and inclusion (D&I) awards program -- the entire ASEAN ecosystem came together under the Channel Asia roof to set a new industry benchmark for female achievement and accomplishment.

In total, 136 finalists (124 individuals and 12 companies) were honoured from a pool of over 200 nominations, spanning partner, start-up, vendor and distributor businesses.

Following an intensive judging process -- selected by an executive panel of more than 50 industry judges -- 21 winners were selected across eight categories, in addition to 10 highly commended acknowledgements.

The collective aim of WIICTA is to ensure as many outstanding women are endorsed through this unique awards program as possible, aligned to the collective goal of providing a platform upon aspiring female talent can shine across Southeast Asia.

“To all our finalists, highly commended and winners, congratulations from Channel Asia,” said Cherry Yumul, Vice President of Channel at Foundry. “This is an inspiring example of the deep levels of emerging and established female talent in ASEAN."

In 2022, WIICTA honoured the channel across eight categories, spanning Innovation, Technical, Entrepreneur, Graduate, Rising Star, Shining Star, Achievement and D&I Champion (Company and Individual) awards.

All career stages were in the spotlight from graduate-level entrants to well-established CEOs, in addition to inspiring entrepreneurs, creative thinkers and technical experts, as well as talent rising through the ranks and consistent high-performing individuals. This was also supported by both individual and company champions of D&I initiatives.

Collectively, WIICTA housed the largest celebration of female excellence within the technology channel across Southeast Asia with female leaders represented in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines.

This was supported by an executive panel discussion which outlined what excellence looks like through the eyes of inspiring business leaders across Southeast Asia, showcasing high-performing individuals pursuing innovation and growth in equal measure.

Channel Asia congratulates all winners, highly commended and finalists and thanks all organisations and individuals for supporting this initiative.


This award recognises a creative-thinking candidate who is a standout in bringing innovation to life through a big picture and out-of-the-box approach to business. This individual is unrivalled at converting embryonic ideas into viable working solutions through a unique thought process designed to continually push the envelope.


  • Huiying Chng - AsiaPac Technology (Singapore)
  • Kristine Mariano - DXC Technology (Philippines)
  • Mui Cheng Tan - Fujitsu (Singapore)
  • Teh Su-Ann - GrowthOps (Malaysia)
  • Nawiya Innoom - NTT Data Business Solutions (Thailand)
  • Ichita Puspa - R17 Group (Indonesia)
  • Jerri-anne Yap - Sourced Group (Singapore)

Highly Commended: Kristine Mariano - DXC Technology (Philippines)

Winner: Mui Cheng Tan - Fujitsu (Singapore)

Mui Cheng wins this award for transforming Fujitsu cloud offerings into a multi-cloud platform capable of housing new technologies to boost customer efficiency levels across Asia. In a project spanning more than 12 months, Mui Cheng and her team created a roadmap designed to leverage bleeding-edge solutions with the support of multiple technology vendors, underpinned by a commitment to enhance customer cloud migration projects.

Vendor / Distributor:

  • Kirsten Gilbertson - Amazon Web Services (Singapore)
  • Carrera Chang - Cisco (Singapore)
  • Angela Arlina - Cisco (Indonesia)
  • Yeo Lee Lee - ExtraHop Networks (Singapore)
  • Doreen Goh - Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Singapore)
  • Jess How - HP (Malaysia)
  • Genevieve Goh - New Relic (Singapore)
  • Fayanne Foo - VMware (Singapore)
  • Joyslyn Chan - Westcon-Comstor (Singapore)

Highly Commended: Genevieve Goh - New Relic (Singapore)

Winner: Kirsten Gilbertson - Amazon Web Services (Singapore)

Kirsten wins this award as a highly innovative team builder who continually delivers outstanding results through unique ideas, fresh thinking and market-first initiatives. One such example is the creation of the ASEAN Digital Customers and Service Expansion team to help drive AWS infrastructure and services launches, making cloud more accessible to AWS partners and customers across the region.


This award recognises excellence in the form of technical and engineering expertise, honouring deep domain knowledge in relation to technology products, solutions and services. This candidate has provided business value through specialised skills and competence, spanning technical, pre-sales and support roles.


  • Cut Aufa Tafjyra - Digital Prima Sejahtera (Indonesia)
  • Winnie Pang - GrowthOps (Malaysia)
  • Anisa Nevi Saerina - NTT Data Business Solutions (Indonesia)
  • Nisha Sullia - Rackspace (Singapore)

Winner: Nisha Sullia - Rackspace (Singapore)

Nisha wins this award in recognition of demonstrating outstanding technical expertise across data, advanced analytics and machine learning projects in Asia. In working with a large pharmaceutical company, Nisha helped the business transition data from legacy SAP systems to an enhanced cloud platform, underpinned by improved data flow and architecture capabilities.

Vendor / Distributor:

  • Damselle Navarro - Amazon Web Services (Philippines)
  • Preeyanuch Adirek - Cisco (Thailand)
  • Ee Laine Koh - Commvault (Malaysia)
  • Rebeker Choi - Google Cloud (Singapore)
  • Yvonne Yeo - IBM (Singapore)
  • Tidaporn Santimanawong - Oracle (Singapore)
  • Maria Christina Tech - Rhipe (Philippines)
  • Sarada Karri - Salesforce (Singapore)
  • Fiona Wei - VMware (Singapore)
  • YunQi Fan - Zscaler (Singapore)

Winner: Sarada Karri - Salesforce (Singapore)

Sarada wins this award in recognition of “going the extra mile” to meet customer objectives through a commitment to technical excellence and deep solution expertise. In leading technical solution teams at Oracle, Workday and now Salesforce, Sarada has a strong background in enterprise applications and continues to help organisations transform operations, processes and systems across ASEAN.

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