Singapore authority to help local businesses mitigate tech security threats

GoSecure to help bolster Singapore’s efforts to improve the cyber security capabilities of local tech firms

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) of Singapore has launched a new initiative to help mitigate security threats faced by the ICT sector.

IMDA announced this week the launch of GoSecure, an initiative to help bolster Singapore’s efforts to improve the cyber security capabilities of local ICT companies, while also improving product security posture.

With the service costing a nominal fee starting from S$6,500, the program is expected to benefit 200 ICT companies over a two year period from July 2018 to June 2020.

Furthermore, the service has been designed specifically for Singapore and Singapore-based digital solution companies, including two parts; a security-by-design consultation and a vulnerability assessment testing.

During the consultation phase, ICT companies will receive consultation on security best practices that may include threat risk assessment and critical design review.

They will acquire knowledge on the best approach to secure their software and gain insight into how best to design their software from the ground up to be as secure as possible.

The next phase involves vulnerability assessment testing, which assesses the companies existing software portfolio and helps define, identify, classify and ultimately rectify discovered security vulnerabilities in their products.

To help execute this program, IMDA will partner with the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). IMDA will co-fund the manpower, software and hardware requirements to enable successful execution.

In addition, SIT will be launching a corporate mentorship scheme for experienced industry professionals to provide guidance to SIT students conducting the vulnerability assessment testing.

As well SIT, this program is supported by cyber security agency (CSA). CSA is a Singapore national agency that oversees cybersecurity strategy, operation, education, outreach and ecosystem development in Singapore.

CSA will help in establishing the security by design curriculum and review the quality of vulnerability assessment process during the initial phase.