Innovation Awards set to honour ecosystem excellence, outline customer insights in ASEAN

​More than 220 finalists​ recognised across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

The industry is coming together under the banner of Channel Asia Innovation Awards to look back on a standout 12 months of ecosystem excellence and transformation, counterbalanced by a forward-looking assessment of key customer priorities and purchasing plans across Southeast Asia in 2022.

Set for Thursday 2 December at 2pm SGT, this virtual event -- click here to register -- will balance industry recognition with market-leading research, documenting best practice in relation to pioneering end-user projects and channel strategies, alongside in-depth analysis specific to CIO investment objectives and engagement preferences.

Notably, the ecosystem will be honoured across eight categories, spanning Partner Innovation, Tech Innovation, ASEAN-wide Innovation, Start-up Innovation, Personal Innovation, Vendor Innovation, Distributor Innovation and Hall of Fame.

Meanwhile, key customer focused sessions in ASEAN include:

Introducing the Revenue Generating CIO

According to State of the CIO findings, 74 per cent of CIOs across ASEAN are now tasked with revenue-generating responsibilities as the introduction of new revenue streams (47 per cent), increasing top-line revenue (52 per cent) and boosting profitability (61 per cent) take centre stage as leading priorities.

Within this context, CIOs are becoming entrepreneurial and placing increased emphasis on innovation -- 79 per cent of IT executives prioritised an entrepreneurial mindset this year, while nearly a quarter (74 per cent) directed energies to creating teams focused on innovation.

Most notably, interacting directly with customers has become more important during the past 6-12 months for 78 per cent of CIOs -- compared to having weekly or monthly meetings with executive leadership (69 per cent). This session will deep-dive into State of the CIO research to outline the rise of the revenue generating CIO across ASEAN, and the implications on innovation agendas in the enterprise.

Prevailing during the purchasing process: How to avoid customer abandonment

Following 12-18 months of change in how businesses operate, IT decision makers are clear in what guidance is required to support accelerated digital initiatives. For the ecosystem, new marketing opportunities exist to capitalise on such heightened demand for disruption but the need for content comes with a caveat.

According to Customer Engagement Study -- research produced and published by IDG -- end-users across ASEAN are changing consumption habits during the purchasing process, impacting vendor and partner engagement preferences in the process.

This session will document the leading factors causing customers to abandon a vendor or partner during the purchasing process, detailing the marketing tactics which resonate most post-pandemic.

CIOs on… Collaboration, Communication & Culture

Armed with political capital -- and a once-in-a-career opportunity to spearhead change -- CIOs now hold responsibility for digital and innovation strategies across ASEAN, driven by a CEO-led mandate to kick-start transformation plans post-pandemic.

But while innovation is undoubtedly required, the value of leadership now carries unrivalled importance as CIOs take the reins and drive boardroom agendas from the front. Such a shift in dynamics requires more than technological expertise, rather a deep understanding of collaboration, communication and culture to ensure high-level strategies are executed with precision on the ground.

In this session, market-leading CIOs across ASEAN will outline best practice in relation to Collaboration, Communication and Culture.

Industry recognition

Innovation Awards is the market-leading awards program for celebrating ecosystem innovation and excellence across the technology sector in Southeast Asia.

Representing the entire ASEAN ecosystem, more than 220 finalists (including 65+ individuals) make the shortlist from a pool of over 90 organisations and more than 300 nominations, spanning partner, start-up, telco, vendor and distributor businesses.

This marks a significant expansion in reach, support and market appeal, outpacing a best effort of over 200 finalists in 2020 to position Innovation Awards as the leading technology awards program for customer innovation and ecosystem excellence in the ASEAN channel.

Reflective of a diverse technology network, more than 55 partners and start-ups are represented and range from large-scale multinational consultancy firms to emerging start-ups, alongside leading system integrators, managed service providers and solution consultants, plus cloud specialists, independent software vendors, boutique agencies and application developers.

This is in addition to over 30 channel-centric vendors and telecommunications providers, plus six supply chain experts in distribution.

Within this standout group, finalists are located across the entire region, spanning Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

Aligned to the Channel Asia approach of representing established and emerging technology providers in equal measure, Innovation Awards in 2021 stands tall as the leading forum for setting the industry benchmark for ecosystem excellence across ASEAN.

“ASEAN is once again brimming with inspiring examples of innovation yet crucially, underpinned by stoic levels of resilience,” said Cherry Yumul, vice president of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation at IDG.

“This is a market continuing to overcome ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions -- some of which have been in place for more than 18 months -- while battling some of the worst outbreaks of infections and encountering the most devastating societal and economic implications in the process.

“Yet this is a market which presses on unperturbed, raising the bar for industry excellence through the deployment of bleeding-edge technologies and solutions. Two words perfectly illustrates the DNA of the ASEAN technology ecosystem -- tough and transformative in equal measure.”

In 2021, Innovation Awards houses a modernised category line-up, revamped submission criteria and standout market awareness as Channel Asia raises the bar for industry transformation. In a step away from predictable awards programs, entire local ecosystem expertise will not only be acknowledged and celebrated, but transformative examples of partner best practice amplified to all markets across ASEAN.

Notable enhancements centre around the increased prioritisation of customer case studies to showcase the innovative capabilities of expert partners, a commitment to expand reach further into all countries and a heightened focus on both established and emerging providers.

Mirroring the market, Innovation Awards will recognise the standout work of managed service providers, system integrators and value-added resellers, complemented by bleeding edge start-ups, cloud specialists, independent software vendors, consultancy giants, boutique agencies and application developers -- all collaborating, all contributing.

Likewise, innovation at vendor and distributor levels will also be magnified, recognising leading champions of the channel, creative thinkers, consistent performers and market leaders.

To achieve this, Innovation Awards will honour the channel across eight categories, spanning Partner InnovationTech InnovationASEAN-wide InnovationStart-up InnovationPersonal InnovationVendor InnovationDistributor Innovation and Hall of Fame.

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