Stories by Matt Asay

AI hype isn’t helping anyone

We've got real issues with AI, and security is top of the list. Prompt injecting allows hackers to trick your private LLM, and that's a serious problem.

Reining in the BS in AI

Large language models trained on questionable stuff online will produce more of the same. Retrieval augmented generation is one way to get closer to truth.

People and Python in AI

If you want to squeeze the most value from your data, teach your employees Python and Excel instead of specialised programming languages.

Testing the limits of generative AI

As part of the learning curve with AI and LLMs, experiment all you want, but take the results with some skepticism, especially if you’re using it to write your code.

Rethinking open source for AI

What are the license rights and restrictions for large language models? Do they cover weights and deep neural network architectures?

When the generative AI hype fades

GenAI is a small piece of the artificial intelligence pie, not the whole pie itself. Keep paying attention to deep learning and machine learning.

Follow the cloud money

Led by CIQ, Oracle, and SUSE, the new OpenELA trade association is likely to fail without at least one major cloud vendor on board.