Stories by Matt Asay

Why don’t cloud providers integrate?

Enterprises will never be single-vendor IT shops. Cloud providers and other technology vendors that don’t play well with competitive products are harming their customers.

Why AWS is changing

After what struck me as a relatively dry spell of product announcements in 2021, AWS spent re:Invent 2022 launching a host of new services​.

What AWS customers really care about

AWS may disappoint die-hard proponents of open source, multi-cloud, and serverless. But it’s open enough, multi-cloud enough, and serverless enough for customers.

Postgres is eating relational

It’s hard to compete with easy. PostgreSQL has a lot of great qualities, but being easy to use seals the deal for companies and consultants.

Why cloud has a people problem

Cloud skills are complicated and in high demand. Smart enterprises need a practical approach to the staffing shortage, and smart employees need multi-cloud skills.