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  • 1 December 2011 07:52

First Fictional Digital Education Book

Inanimate Alice, the first digital book that is education centric, on Promethean Planet is now accessed by teachers in well over 100 countries. Nowhere is it more popular than in Australia, where teachers have taken Alice to their hearts. This is believed to be due to the advanced state of development of the digital curriculum here. Inanimate Alice is a multimedia graphic novel. Most books start and finish, but Inanimate Alice grows with the student making it unique. Essentially, the story grows from year to year online and is a wonderful example of digital fiction. The four episodes are available on-line at provide more than 1 hour of interactive entertainment, available for free to one and all. This one hour of entertainment underscores tens of education hours as teachers break-down the story to understand its components. ‘Inanimate Alice’ is a series of unique kinetic experiences: part game, part novel, part movie that depicts the life of a girl growing up in the early years of the 21st century. Set across increasingly interactive episodes the story of games animator Alice is told using a combination of text, sound, music and images.

1 December 2011 International acclaim grows for Inanimate Alice

Inanimate Alice, the highly acclaimed digital novel, has revealed it is rapidly gaining a strong following amongst leading educationalists. Championed by global education company Promethean and endorsed by Lord Puttnam, this interactive, rich-media narrative emerges from the PC domain and comes to life on interactive classroom technology with a transmedia magazine and a game-like trailer heralding the coming of a new reading experience for young people.

With award-winning novelist Kate Pullinger at the helm and renowned digital artist Chris Joseph delivering dramatic effects, the series of interactive, multimedia, episodes uses a combination of text, sound, images, and games to tell the story of Alice, a young girl growing up with technology as her best and sometimes only friend.

Dr. Angela Thomas, senior lecturer in English Education at the University of Tasmania will be giving a keynote featuring Alice at the AATE (Australian Association of Teachers of English) conference in Melbourne 4-6 December. Dr. Thomas' talk will be focused on digital literacy using Inanimate Alice as exemplar.

Leading education authority Lord Puttnam says; “Here is a terrific reading-from-the-screen experience that talks the language of digitally literate educators. Kids will read this when they won’t read from books. It’s vivid moving imagery embracing some of the techniques used in both film and video-games. It’s authentic rich-media, yet it is a high-quality text that teachers can rely on. Surprisingly intimate, the feeling for the characters forms in your head, just like reading a book, surely more so for those whose prefer engagement with “born digital” material. Kids will love reading with Alice.”

Ian Harper, Producer of Inanimate Alice adds; “The title was originally conceived as an entertainment, an intriguing new way to approach storytelling that would grab the attention of those who inherently understand the multi-tasking environment of the connected world. Uniquely, we have made each episode more interactive and complex than the one preceding it - reflecting on Alice's growing skills as an aspiring digital creative. We fully expected to see an audience emerge for this new type of reading-from-the-screen experience following the story for its entertainment value.

“The first two episodes were shown at many digital media events around the world, it won awards and an audience began to build. However, quite early on we noticed that large segments of the audience were teachers and they were coming back to the site time after time. It was at that point we developed materials to help teachers, particularly new start teachers in university schools of education, integrate Alice into their work. We continue to build on this approach and are rewarded by approval and encouragement from a growing audience enthusiastic for more story. With teachers in over 100 countries accessing the education resources associated with the title, it is fast-becoming recognised as the world’s most influential born-digital narrative.”

Brent Taggart, Promethean’s President of Community & Content Division, also commented; “Inanimate Alice is a fantastic example of the work we are doing with high-profile content partners to transform classrooms. Alice really taps into the need for today’s digital natives- young people who have grown up with technology- to have truly interactive and multi-platform storytelling to meet their expectations and the way they learn best. We have had amazing comments from users of the Inanimate Alice resources and I expect Alice to grow and grow over the coming months and years.”

To find out more about Inanimate Alice, visit and you can visit the user group and download Alice resources from

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