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  • 16 March 2012 12:06

OpenText Brings Security and Compliance to Digital Content Exchange

New Managed File Transfer Solution Offers Advanced Audit Capabilities, Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Patent-pending Large-File Transfer Acceleration

OpenText (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC) has announced a new solution for managing the fast and secure exchange of large files inside and outside enterprises. Easy-to-use and deploy, OpenText Managed File Transfer (MFT) integrates with Microsoft Outlook, helps reduce file attachment size concerns and provides a powerful platform for the secure and auditable exchange of rich digital content including sensitive intellectual property among employees, partners and customers.

Organisations are increasingly looking to move beyond legacy file transfer technologies such as FTP to solutions that can handle the exchange of growing volumes of digital content, address increased challenges to protect information and help address regulatory compliance. At the same time, end-users demand that the solution be convenient and easy to use. OpenText MFT offers the ideal platform for these requirements. Key features include:

- Ultra-fast content delivery based on patent-pending file acceleration technology

- Intuitive user experience through Microsoft Outlook or a Web browser

- Encryption of content-in-transit and authentication against the enterprise directory

- End-to-end audit trail

- File delivery with auto-resume, QoS support and network conditions adaptability

"We heard loud and clear from customers that their current solutions for exchanging digital content were limited in file size, not secure enough, too slow or too hard to use. We developed OpenText Managed File Transfer to fully address these challenges," said Eugene Cherny, General Manager for Connectivity at OpenText. "Our deep expertise in developing enterprise connectivity and content management solutions puts us in the position to offer a dramatically improved approach to enterprise file transfer."

In most organisations, the average file attachment size allowed within Microsoft Outlook is just 10 megabytes. This represents a major limitation when it comes to exchanging rich media content such as slide presentations, images, video files or engineering and architecture drawings that range from hundreds of megabytes to multiple gigabytes in size. In certain industries, such as film and broadcast production, the time it takes to transfers files between locations is a major concern.

To overcome the 10 MB restriction, employees often resort to risky or cumbersome file exchange methods such as FTP, physical media or cloud-based public storage sites. OpenText Managed File Transfer unburdens users from file size limitations while providing usability comparable to email attachments. With support for a wide range of industry standard encryption types and the included OpenText FIPS 140-2 certified cryptography module, OpenText Managed File Transfer helps ensure the safe and compliant exchange of intellectual property. On the receiving end, files are easily accessed from any browser or email system.

On March 5th 2012, OpenText announced the availability of OpenText Tempo, a secure hybrid cloud document sharing and mobile syncing solution. While OpenText Tempo lets organisations quickly set up a private solution for easily sharing and syncing of content in the cloud, OpenText Managed File Transfer is designed to help organisations overcome the security and performance limitations of traditional file transfer mechanisms, such as FTP servers and physical media.

Availability OpenText Managed File Transfer is available globally now. To learn more, go to

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