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  • 14 December 2021 16:54

Mobilicom receives $917,000 for drone and robotics research

Locally listed Mobilicom Limited (ASX: MOB) has been awarded two research and development programs for existing international projects within the drone, robotics, and autonomous platforms sector.

Mobilicom Limited (ASX: MOB) has been awarded two research and development programs worth A$917,000 for existing international projects, reflecting Mobilicom’s industry-leading innovation within the drone, robotics, and autonomous platforms sector.

Mobilicom will receive $582,000 net in grant funding from the Israel Innovation Authority for its participation in the second phase of the Wireless Intelligent Networks (WIN) Consortium’s development of wireless artificial intelligence for 5G networks. The outcome of this research and know-how will be incorporated into future products for commercial and industrial drones, robotics and autonomous platforms.

In Phase One of the project Mobilicom researched AI Spectrum sensing and AI scheduling. Phase two will build on this research and capability, incorporating a proof-of-concept with other consortium participants. Mobilicom will leverage its MESH networking expertise in phase two to develop wireless AI to enable and optimise the performance of 5G technology in unmanned platforms.

Mobilicom is working alongside industry leaders in the consortium, including wireless networking equipment provider Ceragon Networks, semiconductor IP company Ceva Inc, international defence electronics provider Elbit, and high-profile academic institutions.

In addition, in partnership with US drone company Censys Technologies, Mobilicom has been awarded $335,000 net grant funding for the second year of the Space Florida USA R&D program. Under the innovation program, Mobilicom and Censys are developing an Autonomous Platforms Dual Datalink (APDL) communications system to improve drone safety and drone operations beyond visual-line-of-sight in three key areas: drone delivery, infrastructure inspection, and security and law enforcement. `

The solution will use two concurrent wideband transmitting transceivers to build in auto redundancy capability, with ongoing data-reception analysis for improved reliability for command-and-control systems, telemetry, and situational awareness.

Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam said, “These new awards for additional R&D work are a testament to the cutting-edge innovation of our drone and robotics technology, and the successful results we have been able to create so far across both projects.

“Mobilicom has extensive experience across collaborative MESH networking, 4G LTE technology, and we are leveraging this know-how to create a best-of-breed AI solution for 5G. As drones and unmanned systems rely almost entirely on wireless networks, our R&D work for the WIN Consortium is incredibly important to supporting the growing adoption of drones for commercial applications. Access to 5G cellular technology is growing rapidly, facilitating improved and flexible connectivity.

“Regulation is key to unlocking the broader use of drones and robotics platforms for commercial and civil applications, particularly drone delivery. While we have already seen regulatory progress in the EU, the US equivalent (the US Federal Aviation Authority) is still working through the necessary requirements to streamline drone operations beyond visual-line-of-sight. Redundant communication systems for autonomous drones and unmanned aerial systems will be key to addressing critical safety and security challenges. We expect Censys will be one of the first to adopt the dual datalink communications technology we are currently developing with them.”

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