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  • 28 January 2022 17:36

BluGlass demonstrates performance improvements on semiconductor devices in preparation for launch

Australian semiconductor developer BluGlass Limited (ASX: BLG) has demonstrated performance improvements on 405nm and 420nm single-mode and multi-mode devices in its progress towards delivering four key components needed for reliable laser diodes to qualify for commercial launch.

Australian semiconductor developer BluGlass Limited (ASX: BLG) reported that it has demonstrated performance improvements on 405nm and 420nm single-mode and multi-mode devices in its progress towards delivering four key components needed for reliable laser diodes to qualify for commercial launch.

BluGlass is one of a handful of end-to-end gallium nitride (GaN) laser diode manufacturers globally, operating in a market forecast to reach US$2.5 billion by 2025. Within the GaN laser diode market, BluGlass is targeting the industrial, scientific and biotech verticals which spans applications such as industrial cutting and welding, 3D printing, quantum computing and medical diagnostics.

In an update to the market today, BluGlass said it continues to optimise the four key components for reliable laser diodes – epitaxy, metals, facets, and bonds - to solve its reliability challenges and launch its first commercial products in the 405nm, 420nm and 450nm wavelengths.

BluGlass has demonstrated significant performance improvements across four laser diode prototypes: the 405nm and 420nm laser diodes in both single-mode and multi-mode devices. These laser diode prototypes are benefitting from improvements with front and back-end manufacturing processes, including improved cleave processes (creating the laser facets) and improved bonding. Efficient thermal mechanical bonds are critical to reliability, to enable heat dissipation away from the device and enabling long-term high performance.

The company said that reliability testing of these prototype devices is ongoing. In parallel, multiple design and development iterations with further improved epitaxy, metals, facets and bonding designs are progressing through BluGlass’ manufacturing supply chain. Featuring improvements to metals, AR and HR coatings, bonds and packaging. These iterations are undergoing extensive analysis, including short-loop development cycles, to speed prototyping and validate and refine each component before reliability testing of these improved device designs can commence.

In addition to better performing laser diodes, improvements to BluGlass’ manufacturing processes and supply chain are delivering higher manufacturing yields.

Jim Haden, BluGlass President, said, “We have made significant technical progress during the quarter and continue to work towards qualifying the four key elements needed to launch commercial laser diodes with good reliability performance. The strong performance of our latest prototypes is very encouraging, demonstrating that we are progressing towards commercialisation with high quality products to meet our customer expectations. As we continue to iron out downstream production challenges, we are also further improving our laser diode product design, processing, yield and product variations. We are utilising shorter feedback loops with in-line metrics to fast-track iteration testing with our contract manufacturers while qualifying and preparing our supply chain for volume manufacturing.”

In the short-term, BluGlass remains focused on launching its first direct-to-market laser diodes in the in-demand and underserved 405nm, 420nm and 450nm wavelengths. BluGlass aims to increase market share over the long-term by providing the industry’s easiest-to-use laser light, offering unique form factors and integrated packages that significantly reduce customer integration costs.

BluGlass’ proposition solves a key customer challenge as existing large players do not provide flexible form factors, requiring customers to undertake significant customisation and post-purchase packaging. BluGlass will also develop novel laser architectures, including multi-chip modules and its proprietary RPCVD-enhanced lasers, to achieve brighter, higher efficiency and higher power laser light.

“Our technical priorities are the validation of our laser diode products and supply chain processes ahead of delivering reliable laser diodes to market.

“Longer term, we have a clear growth strategy built around brighter, better performing and easier-to-use laser light. Our differentiated product offering, manufacturing flexibility, and novel device architectures will enable us to not only compete with the large incumbent players but to gain market share. Improvements to our supply chain management are already underway and over time we will bring key operational processes in-house to increase our competitive advantages and reduce reliance on third-party suppliers,”

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