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  • 9 December 2019 10:39

Latest Version of the Appian Low-code Platform Now Available

New AI services, new connected systems, and new DevOps features accelerate development and deployment of high-impact enterprise applications

Appian has announced the latest version of the Appian Platform. The new release of the low-code application development platform increases the speed and business impact of low-code automation for developers, administrators, and end-users. The latest version delivers enhancements to Appian AI, further-expansion of Appian’s Connected Systems architecture, integrated Health Check in every application, and simplified DevOps, making it easier than ever to develop, deploy, change, and manage Appian applications.

Appian AI

Appian AI, a fast way to add best-of-breed artificial intelligence to any Appian application, now offers Google Cloud Translation as a Connected System. Customers can enable any app to detect languages and translate text with no coding. In addition, this release provides an updated Google Cloud Vision Connected System which now offers integration with Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Appian AI customers using Google Cloud Vision and Natural Language Processing can now also use Google Service Account authentication, which is simpler and more secure than provisioning API keys. Standard Appian AI is included free in the Appian Platform, and is also now included as part of Appian Free Trials.

New Connected Systems

Appian increases developer productivity through a library of no-code Connected System integrations that extend the power of Appian applications. These and other development accelerators are available in the Appian AppMarket.

Appian now features new no-code Connected Systems for:

● DocuSign. A guided, low-code designer experience for interacting with DocuSign APIs that leverages Appian’s no-code plug-in functionality. Users can now quickly and easily create, manage, and send documents for eSignature within their Appian applications with DocuSign.

● Google Drive. Easily transfer, manage and search files and folders in Google Drive from Appian. This intuitive no-code Connected System to Google Drive provides greater flexibility for how customers work with documents in Appian.

● AWS Signature Version 4 Support. This latest version of Appian makes integration with Amazon Web Services easier than ever. Appian now supports AWS Signature Version 4 authentication with the Appian HTTP connected systems. This authentication type can be used to integrate with more than 100 Amazon Web Services including S3, Comprehend, and Textract.

Integrated Health Check

With the new release, developers and administrators have even easier access to Appian Health Check. Health Check is used during every stage of the application life cycle to determine how an application is performing, whether it adheres to best practices, and to identify any risks associated with maintainability or scalability. The summarised findings in a detailed Health Check report ensure faster and better development, and faster delivery of new value to end users. Health Check can now be set up, scheduled, and run across Appian environments straight from the Administration Console. The intuitive interface makes tracking in-progress Health Checks simple and straightforward.

DevOps - One-Click Deployment

Appian now enables low-code developers to deploy changes directly from one environment to another, without reliance on 3rd party DevOps software. Appian guides developers through the entire experience and leverages the DevOps infrastructure already set up in order to securely push changes from one environment to another.

Deployment to mobile devices is also greatly simplified. IT administrators can now centrally manage the security, policy, and provisioning requirements of Appian apps across all mobile devices with Appian’s support for standards set by the AppConfig Community of leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) providers and application developers.

“Appian’s latest release demonstrates our commitment to simplifying what it takes to build great software,” said Malcolm Ross, Deputy CTO at Appian. “That focus on simplicity, combined with the power of our platform, is why we can offer the Appian Guarantee that a customer’s first project will be live in just eight weeks.”

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