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Managing Technicians in an MSP Business for Profitability
By SolarWinds MSP | 17/9/2018

When running a managed service provider (MSP) business, the single largest part of the overall costs of doing business is the technicians that support your end customer – from straight salary and benefits, to training, transportation and managing the collection of their time, through to billing the customer. In this series of whitepapers, Karl Palachuk goes through the elements that you need to take into account to best manage your technicians’ time. This includes everything from how to structure their day and their priorities, to tracking their efforts to ensure that your business is being run in the most productive manner – ultimately driving the most profitability.

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eBOOK | Think Like a Cybercriminal
By SolarWinds MSP | 7/9/2018

Cybercriminals are a diverse lot, yet you can spot some patterns and motives across the group. For victims, be they businesses or individuals, the outcome of an encounter can usually be quantified—some sort of loss has occurred. From here, you can start to understand the cybercriminal’s motives. The degree of loss can suggest the motive and operating capability of the cybercriminal, but the type of attack must also be considered.

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SolarWinds RMM Video Case Study | Singapore Computer Guys
By SolarWinds MSP | 14/5/2018

In this case study, Singapore Computer Guys talks about how SolarWinds Remote Monitoring and Management Tools allowed them to automate tasks, provide near-bulletproof IT security, and keep track of all of their assets from a single web-based dashboard.

Singapore Computer Guys offer managed services to clients from various industries. These services include operational support, technology management, disaster recovery and risk management.

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